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Agrovit Ltd. – specialist for feed additives. We are offering products of the following producers: DSM Nutritional Products from Switzerland, ZOETIS from USA,  DOX-AL and Vetagro from Italy and Nutriad from Belgium. Different products are in our portfolio: vitamins, enzymes, anticoccidials, carotenoids, mycotoxin binders, eubiotics, organic acids, microminerals and many other additives from Register of Feed additives. Modern poultry, pig and cattle production is possible only with use of the above mentioned products. More information you can find in chapter Products and on web pages of the producers.

We are committed to expert knowledge, safety, exactness and traceability. We want to contribute to production of safe food and better live production performance which can be achieved by use of our products.

We are also representing member of DSM group, DSM Biogas who is leading in research, development and production of additives which can contribute to more efficient biogas production.

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