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DSM Nutritional Products

(Rovimix line) represent the majority of DSM NP products. The solid basis was built by former producer Hoffman La Roche. Rovimix line is manufactured in EU, resulting top quality products. Vitamins are essential for all living organisms and if only one is missing, the consequences (and economical impact) can be significant. Vitamins are sensitive to heat, light, humidity and other feed components (acids, microminerals) and the proper protection and formulation for each product is crucial. On the other hand, bioavailability of vitamins has to be perfect. DSM NP has skills, experience and knowledge for best possible formulations and the result are top quality products.

(Carophyll Red, Carophyll Yellow, Carophyll Pink) play important role in modern meat and eggs production.

(Ronozyme, Roxazyme) are produced in alliance with Novo Nordisk from Denmark. Products are available in liquid or granulated form. Formulation CT (=Coated Thermostable) and GT (=Granulated Thermostable) is the most heat stable form on the market. All products are dust-free, with perfect physical properties and top performance.

Ronozyme HiPhos – 4a18
is product with 6-phytase, protected with sodium sulphate, dextrin and cellulose. With use of Ronozyme HiPhos it is possible to reduce quantity of inorganic phosphorus in feed formulation as phytase releases phosphorus from grains.

Ronozyme VP (CT) – E 1603
is multi component enzyme containing β-glucanase, pentosanase, hemicellulase, pectinase and other minor activities. The product is effective in degrading non-starch polysaccharides from a variety of vegetable protein sources in poultry and swine diets.

Ronozyme WX (CT) – 4a1607
is an outstanding xylanase designed to meet the requirements of modern poltry and pig feeding. The product is characterized by exceptional heat stability, a broad pH range and a high, consistent level of xylanase activity.

Ronozyme MultiGrain – 4a1602i
contains an enzyme complex with cellulase, β-glucanase and xylanase which work complementary to the digestive enzymes of pigs and poultry.

Ronozyme ProAct
is pure protease product which can significantly reduce feed costs and improve broiler production.

Rovimix Hy-D – E 670a
is a unique feed additive which contains 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and so bypasses the metabolic step which has to be undergone by standard vitamin D3. The product can be used in poultry and pig diets to improve bone and skeletal formation, muscle development, Ca and P absorption and immune response.

Vevovitall – E 210

is pure food grade benzoic acid which can contribute to better performance in swine production. Additionally, ammonia emissions can be reduced up to 35%.

CrinaCrina Ruminants, Crina Poultry, Crina Pigs
different products for different species, containing essential oils which have been proven to act beneficially for the animal health and live performance. Great basic work from Crina, combined with great experience of DSM in product formulation resulted products with superior quality and efficacy.

Microgran Co 5% BMP, Microgran Se 1% BMP, Microgran I 10% BMP
All products have excellent physical properties, efficacy for animals and guaranteed safety for workers.

chelate forms of microminerals – for more efficient absorption.

Increase biogas output by addition of MethaPlus to the substrate! Viscosity of the digester mass and scum layer can also be reduced by use of MethaPlus. More information is available on web site of DSM Biogas.

Healthy feed - healthy people

We are committed to expert knowledge, safety, exactness and traceability. We want to contribute to production of safe food and better live production performance which can be achieved by use of our products.

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